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私たちは、上質なソフトを制作するために、アーティストと社員に限りない可能性を信じ、 健全な大衆文化の発展と向上に努力し、その成果を社会に還元して参ります。

代表 野崎俊夫

I have always considered myself to be my toughest rival on the job; therefore, batting with myself has been my lifelong focus. The bases of this philosophy are: to sincerely do our best without letting ourselves become tired of the job; to have faith in whatever we do; and to strive towards a clear goal until completion. The perseverance required in this process is the deciding factor between winning and losing. This has been my lifelong creed.

To me, a company is like a small-scale nation. It is also like a big family in some aspects. Just as there are multifaceted infrastructure, laws, and diverse ideologies in a nation, there are multifaceted aspects to human relationships in a family.

In the same way, strong-willed, not-so-strong-willed, and those with differing opinions coexist in a company. Their aptitudes may also show marked difference. These factors in themselves are not uncommon. The question here is how jobs are handled in this environment. The spirit of thoughtfulness, which results in impartial judgment and equal opportunity, is of principal importance. When the spirit of thoughtfulness is given its due attention, one would always put himself in the other person’s shoes: the strong-willed would think of the not-so-strong-willed, those in leadership would think of their subordinates, any details needing follow-ups would be followed up properly, we would not be judging people based only on one or two mistakes but would be giving them the opportunity to try again. A company cannot thrive by merely gathering up good brains.

The relationship between our artists and their managers(our staff) is essentially the same. The management style I have consistently striven for is this: to establish the artist-manager relationship based on deep mutual trust, the spirit of thoughtfulness, and the special family-like bond which cannot easily be broken, while maintaining a consistent frame of reference in any given situation. A company which imparts such quality and atmosphere will remain immutable forever.

We have committed ourselves to producing top-quality software. To this end, we will strive towards the development and improvement of the wholesome mass culture, putting full faith in the unlimited potential of our artists and staff.
In turn, the fruits of our efforts will be passed on to society.

Toshio Nozaki, Representative
KEN ON Group